Mind Body and Spirit Wellness will provide a holistic perspective to promote positive individual and systemic change by offering

  • Individual, family and relationship counselling available face to face, telephone as well as cybercounselling
  • Reiki, a natural method of harnessing energy to heal the bod
  • Healing Reiki Massage, unique movements and strokes to work your body’s tissues to produce a desired effect of stress release and healing by combining relaxation massage and Reiki
  • NEW Counselling Massage, release tension both physically and emotionally while receiving a massage with an experienced counsellor assisting you on your healing journey.

Mind Body and Spirit Wellness provides a confidential and professional one stop shop in total body wellness.


Jamie Holloway, RSW, BSW,  RM

Jamie Holloway studied at Thompson Rivers University and graduated in 2005 with her Bachelor’s in Social Work and has studied Reiki since 2000 receiving her Reiki Master’s in 2005. Jamie was led to the path of helping and healing after her mother’s 4 year battle with breast cancer. Jamie was inspired while growing up and watching the difference her mother made in people’s lives as a Nurse in her community. This is what motivated Jamie to follow in her mother’s footsteps and continue on the family journey of helping and healing.
While in school Jamie focused her studies and practicum placements in Mental Health, Addictions, HIV/AIDS, Homelessness, Communications and Complementary Natural Health techniques and their role in Counselling.
Upon graduation, Jamie was hired as a Community Mental Health and Addictions Counsellor in the rural community of Clearwater B.C. Jamie also held a permanent position with IHA for 3 years as the local medical social worker, and has decided to now be casual with IHA allowing  her to follow her passion with Mind Body and Spirit Wellness full time.

Jamie has been the owner operator of Mind Body and Spirit Wellness since 2008, offering Individual, Family and Relationship counselling,Life Coaching, Reiki, and Healing Reiki Massage treatments. Jamie also teaches Reiki Levels 1, 2, and Masters level, and often hosts many wellness related workshops.

Jamie offers her counselling services by face to face, telephone, and e-mail counselling appointments.
Jamie works from the theory of looking at all aspects of the person in order to heal and move forward on your journey, focusing ones energy on your Mind, your Body, and your Spirit. Jamie also has held contracts with employment agencies working with individuals and groups with life skills and one on one employment counselling.

Jamie is currently studying for her Clinical Hypnotherapy Masters Certificate with the Coastal Academy of Hypnotherapy. Mind Body and Spirit Wellness is excited to be able to offer Hypnotherapy in the summer of 2017.

Jamie is regulated and responsible to the British Columbia College of Social Workers, as well as the British Columbia Association of Social workers, both of which have high standards of practice and ethics which she is proud to follow. If you have more questions regarding the above, a link can be found at the bottom right of your screen to both websites. Please also click the tab at the top of your screen labelled Ethics to read more about Social Work ethics and standards of practice.

Now offering Services at 137 Tapton Ave, 250-295-3049


I am a Counsellor
I am here to listen……….not to work miracles
I am here to help you discover what you are feeling………..not make the feelings go away
I am here to help you identify your options…….not to decided for you
I am here to discuss steps you can take……….not to take the steps for you
I am here to help you develop your own strengths………no to rescue or cure you
I am here to assist you with helping yourself………not to take responsibility for you
I am here to provide support, undertanding and acceptance.